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Generate income by leasing your hunting property, and share the beauty of your land with fellow outdoor enthusiast!

This guide will help you navigate the process of purchasing a small acreage for farming.

Seasonal Home Maintenance

Land Development Opportunities

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Farm Land Management

Equine Facilities

The Auction Process

Hunting Property Opportunities

What to Look for Beyond the Stables

Maximizing Your Lands Value

Farm Soil Types

The Benefit of Auction Services in real Estate

More About Exquisite Ranch Properties

Urban Agriculture's Impact on Land Use

Unlocking Your Homebuying Potential

Auctions Trends in the Real Estate Industry

First Steps of a Successful Horse Farm

Essential Factors to Consider When Buying a Ranch in the Midwest

A few things to know about Online Auctions

The differences between online and live auctions

A Few Equine Farms Around KC to Check Out!

Here are some of the factors that go into fencing for equine properties

Preparing Your Ranch For Deer Hunting Season

What to Consider When Buying a Cattle Ranch

There’s also a lot more to consider when making the switch from city living to a rural lifestyle.

Rural living has become popular in the past years during the pandemic because of the feeling of most people of the need for a more laid-back life.

Best Practices When Taking Photos of Your Home For Sale

U.S. Top Cattle Breeds

Discover why farmer's have been saying that August is the best time to buy farmland for generations and what to look for when buying a farm.

For many horse lovers, there’s nothing better than trail riding during the season when the leaves turn beautiful colors and temperatures cool down.

Ranch and farm sales are on the rise across the country as more and more people decide to part with their rural properties.

Your Guide to Making a Profitable Cattle Ranch

Reasons to Live in the Country – Why Country Living is In Vogue Now

Home buying can be nerve-wracking if you’ve never done it before. You’re getting ready to make a major investment so you want to be smart.

We have gathered ideas from experts on what to look for when buying land so that you will have a more meaningful and less stressful experience in the

Rural living, country living, or living off the grid can be appealing

Is it better to sell a property or rent it?

Not every real estate agent is well-equipped to help you sell your rural property.

There’s still a lot of opportunity for those looking to buy land (farmland) in 2022.

It can be overwhelming to go through the whole process of choosing the best rural land that will give you the best ROI.

Learn this year’s trends for country home properties with this guide from United Country Real Estate

In a time of the over-processed food, fresh farm food is making a comeback.

Purchasing a recreational property in the country allows you to have your own space to fish, hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

America’s ranch and farm land is disappearing at a rapid rate. That makes it even more important to preserve it.

The greatest challenges for landowners that hunt is finding ways to attract – and hold – big bucks

For those who dream of owning a piece of land to turn it into an exclusive farm or organic farm or any type of farm for that matter.

We’ve decided to explore some alternative ways to heat your home without the high energy costs.

Controlled use of fire and its capacity to change benefits wildlife and eases access in woodlands.

real estate with renewable energy production capability as well as properties powered by renewable energy sources like hydro-electricity, wind energy

Honeybees are one of the single most important insects on the planet.

Whether you want to earn income, create a wildlife habitat or enjoy outdoor recreation, a pond can add enjoyment value to your property.

The supply and demand for farmland in 2021 remained steady. More people have become more interested in buying farmland.

There are a few things to consider when shopping for your new country retreat.

The sight of cattle against the backdrop of a wide-open sky conjures up feelings of freedom and endless possibilities.

If you have a pond or even lake on your property, it might be tempting to skate or walk/play on the ice during the winter months.

there are many perks to camping in the winter

Let’s dive into some important tips about finding quality waterfowl hunting.

Recreational land is land that is used primarily for activities such as hunting, hiking, ATV-ing, camping and more.

There are more than 250 horse breeds that each have their own special qualities.

Luxury homes are defined as ones that are valued within the top 10 percent of properties on the local market.

It's today's businesses, technology is everything. It's one of the best resources to operate and grow your business.

Remote work and work from home jobs are more available and accepted in the times since an unorthodox year in 2020.

Bed and breakfasts, otherwise known as B&B’s, are a hybrid between a luxury hotel and a private home, providing the best of both worlds.

Do you have a historic home you think should be recognized and preserved? Here's how to get your home on the Historic Registry

When you have a home in the country, most likely you have some extra acreage that you aren’t utilizing to its fullest potential.

One of the most popular snow activities is skiing, and if you’ve never been, there are many important tips you’ll need to consider.

Rivers connect humans to one another while also reconnecting us with the beauty of nature and the great outdoors.

There are many reasons people want to buy and live in log homes or cabins.

Farming and agriculture can date back nearly 12,000 years back when early humanity were “hunter-gatherers.”

Selling any type of commercial real estate comes with added layers, so you’ll want to make sure all of your ducks are in a row before you sell.

Injuries on a farm can happen, but they can also be avoided by knowing how machinery works and the best ways to prevent it.

who better to explain why country life is better than some of our agents who not only sell country real estate, but actually live in the country too.

Making a house into a home can be a fun experience

Owning timberland offers tax advantages, flexible harvesting, favorable supply and demand and price stability.

While auctions have historically been live, or in person, online auctions have gained momentum in recent years as technology enhanced.

Understanding Auction Terms You See and Hear

If you’ve ever been to a really good steak house, you’ve experienced the intense depth of flavor and tenderness of an aged piece of meat.

Enhanced Oil Recovery can be one of the most profitable operational strategies in the oil and gas industry.

There are many things to consider when you’re starting a cattle ranch. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Warmer weather is finally upon us so it’s time to break out our boats, fishing poles and beverages of choice and hit the water

A conservation easement puts the land under certain development restrictions to keep it intact for future generations

If you’re looking for a qualified ranch hand to help you in your daily operations, or if you’re thinking of becoming a ranch hand, here are some tips.

The more specific you are about what you require of a broker, the better you will be able to accomplish your goals.

Cowboy hats have their own unique style, meaning and functionality that builds individual character and showcase its culture.

Many ranchers and farmers are already familiar with rotating cattle for grazing in order to keep grass and soil in prime conditions

The background and preparation leading up to the show can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

We thought it would be fun to let you in on some of the interesting facts about cattle that you may not already know

Rodeos are a favorite pastime for many Americans growing up.

Having that unique ability has made her a pioneer on humane animal handling and, in turn, completely revolutionized the ranching industry

Branding has been around for thousands of years, dating back to 2,700 BC by the Egyptians

It’s almost necessary to have a good working horse to run a successful ranch, but horses are a big responsibility and require a lot of care.

Where you want to buy is as, if not more, critical as what you want to buy.

The right parcel can provide an excellent investment opportunity. Knowing the best way to develop a property will greatly increase your potential.

If you currently own a vacant acreage or are interested in buying one, you may be wondering how to maximize its value.

The interest in, and sale of, land properties has increased by more than 100 percent in some cases.

Selling a ranch in a hot market

You’ve found the perfect plot of land, but before you start clearing, planting or building; it’s important to be aware of the type of access available

Growing your own fruit provides a number of benefits for you as well as your property.

When planting flowers on your property for the benefit of bees, it’s essential to diversify and maximize the number of blooms you’re getting

When it comes time to sell a plot of land, there are different considerations than when selling a home or residential property

if you’re planning to build a home, cabin or outbuilding on your land there are a few things you need to know first.

In urban and suburban areas, soils can be compacted and may lack the necessary organic matter to properly nourish plants and allow them to thrive

Invasive varmints on your land can be a real nuisance, and it’s important to keep them in check.

If you’re looking for a little extra income or just want to want to give your property some color, adding flowers like Tulips are a great option.

With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, many farmers and ranchers are wondering how or if it will affect their livestock.

A farmer’s work is almost never done, but as things slow down a bit, if you’re looking for a fun idea that can produce a little extra income....

Here are a few tips to help you get the highest yield from a crop that is a main ingredient in many foods.

Long before you clicked an app, asked Google or even tuned in to your local news for the weather forecast, there was The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Given the added value, adding pigs to your farm can be a solid investment opportunity.

It's time to start thinking about planting season.

While you might think of cows, chickens and goats when you think about a farm in the United States, you could also think Fish.

Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit are popular and rich in important nutrients like vitamin C

Whether you have a conventional farming operation, or a small hobby farm, the good news is there are many ways you can increase your profit.

Keeping a lush garden is one of the true joys of owning a country home

By growing your own food you take control of every part of the process from planting to harvest.

Do you know what the American front porch was developed for?

You’ve finally made it. Retirement is right around the corner. No more long days or busy commutes. So, what’s next?

Tiny homes normally measure between 100 and 400 square feet and come in all shapes and sizes.

The Art of Outdoor Cooking

It’s no secret that living in the country often brings more pests like bugs, spiders, moles trying to invade your space.

Genetically engineered food has been around since the early 1990’s, but there continues to be confusion about what exactly they are.

Seems like baby or small goats as pets are slowly becoming the next trend. Smaller goat breeds can be great pets.

NCBA Delivers Preserving Family Farms Act

Here are some ways you can help keep your pet safe.

The answer will most likely vary depending on who you ask and what part of the country you live in.

42ft ‘Learmousine’ is Heading to Auction

What's the Auctioneer Actually Saying

Tips for Buying Hunting Land

The Benefits of Hunting

Living off the land means relying mostly, or solely, on natural resources like water, food and power.

We know they're delicious, but what other uses are there for cattle?

Preparing Your Farm for Flooding

Covid 19 Impact on Farming

Tips for Buying or Selling a Home in the Country

A Hidden Treasure Inside the Cottonwood Branch

CRP Program is a Win-Win for both Land Owners & Land Conservation

Thinking of Buying Hunting Land, Here Are Some Tips to Help Guide You.

What Affects Bow Speed and FPS

Cattle Production, Early Days to Today..

Is It Better To Use Horses or ATV's When Working Cattle..?

Top Secrets To Buying Good Hunting Land

Industry Experts Predict Large Hunting Season

Keep Hunting During the Summer

Solar Energy is the wave of the future for rural property owners...

Move to Country and Enjoy Social Distancing with Peace of Mind

A short story about our first youth turkey hunt in NE MO

Things to look for when valuing a ranch

Calculating animal units (carrying capacity) is a great way to look at a ranch acquisition.

Rural land is in demand right now.

Social Distancing won't keep us down, we have a ton of ways to stay active and keep it fun this spring.

If you’re in the market for hunting land – or if you’re selling your farm

Last year, homes for sale remained low compared to previous years and as we head into the selling season of 2020, those numbers haven’t changed. The d

If you’re thinking of selling your home, ranch, farm or other real estate or personal property, it’s important you know all of your options.

There are two types of duck hunters: those who have experienced a lights-out flooded timber shoot for greenheads and the rest of us. Do it once and you’re addicted. A quick limit leaves you wanting more, and wanting to do it again. Getting skunked also leaves you wanting to do it again, because you’re still pursuing a great hunt.

You’re imagining it right now. A 50-acre tract of pristine hunting real estate. That shiny, newly printed deed sparkling when the light hits it just right. And a big buck up on the wall the first year of hunting on it. But are you ready to pull the trigger on hunting land? Do you have all the knowledge you need?

Pressured deer are cagey, reclusive and downright difficult to hunt. But once deer season opens and other hunters are piling on the pressure, it can be nigh impossible to find a deer that isn’t wary. Yet, there are certain tricks you can use to even the odds. Here are six...

You overheard the guys talking about the great duck hunting they’ve been enjoying, and you wheedled an invitation to go along on their next outing. What an opportunity. Time to dig out your finest camouflage and grab your calls, shotgun and shells. But not waders (see No. 8). You haven’t...

Most deer hunters dream of owning their own land, but many believe it’s out of their reach. The thought of buying land can cause a lot of anxiety, but a lot of that is due to a few rampant misconceptions. In reality, buying land is a fairly simple process. At least, most of the time. Realtree United Country’s Slade Priest shared his perspective on the myths that most commonly muddy the waters.