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Solar Energy is the wave of the future for rural property owners...

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Calculating animal units (carrying capacity) is a great way to look at a ranch acquisition.

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Social Distancing won't keep us down, we have a ton of ways to stay active and keep it fun this spring.

If you’re in the market for hunting land – or if you’re selling your farm

Last year, homes for sale remained low compared to previous years and as we head into the selling season of 2020, those numbers haven’t changed. The d

If you’re thinking of selling your home, ranch, farm or other real estate or personal property, it’s important you know all of your options.

There are two types of duck hunters: those who have experienced a lights-out flooded timber shoot for greenheads and the rest of us. Do it once and you’re addicted. A quick limit leaves you wanting more, and wanting to do it again. Getting skunked also leaves you wanting to do it again, because you’re still pursuing a great hunt.

You’re imagining it right now. A 50-acre tract of pristine hunting real estate. That shiny, newly printed deed sparkling when the light hits it just right. And a big buck up on the wall the first year of hunting on it. But are you ready to pull the trigger on hunting land? Do you have all the knowledge you need?

Pressured deer are cagey, reclusive and downright difficult to hunt. But once deer season opens and other hunters are piling on the pressure, it can be nigh impossible to find a deer that isn’t wary. Yet, there are certain tricks you can use to even the odds. Here are six...

You overheard the guys talking about the great duck hunting they’ve been enjoying, and you wheedled an invitation to go along on their next outing. What an opportunity. Time to dig out your finest camouflage and grab your calls, shotgun and shells. But not waders (see No. 8). You haven’t...

Most deer hunters dream of owning their own land, but many believe it’s out of their reach. The thought of buying land can cause a lot of anxiety, but a lot of that is due to a few rampant misconceptions. In reality, buying land is a fairly simple process. At least, most of the time. Realtree United Country’s Slade Priest shared his perspective on the myths that most commonly muddy the waters.