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Matching Your Equestrian Needs to Midwest Acreage

The Allure of Eastern Ranch Properties

Helping Your Mom Find the Perfect Place

Features for Kansas City Homebuyers in Today's Market

Land Auction Terms: A Glossary for Buyers

See what Kansas City is doing, this earth day, to protect our planet

There is nothing that compares to buying and owning a home but purchasing a home with acreage delivers a completely new set of opportunities.

A comprehensive guide to spring farmers markets in the Kansas City and eastern Kansas area.

Spring Forward: Essential Equestrian Property Care for the New Season

Rural Property Auctions and What They Are All About!

Kansas City's Stadium Showdown: Renovations or Relocation?

Intrigued by land auctions? This guide unlocks the secrets!

Explore the benefits of working with an agent specializing in equestrian properties.

Analyze emerging trends, investment opportunities, and challenges in the rural market.

Crop preparation for the up and coming spring planting season.

Unearthing hidden gems and securing dream homes through personal and country property auctions.

Home Interested Rates Forecasted to Decrease Within 2024.

Manage your pastures, stable sanctuary, fences, and more to create a thriving equine haven!

Caring for horses in the winter requires specialized care. Here are some tips to keep your four-legged friends happy, safe and secure.

Start the new year with 7 simple home upgrades to get 2024 started in the right direction!

Last minute Christmas gifting can halt your Christmas cheer. But these 7 last minute Christmas gift ideas, under $20, are the holiday miracle you need

Get your home winter ready with tips and tricks to save you time and money this season.

As you contemplate this important step, here are some compelling reasons why sellers choose to partner with us:

Generate income by leasing your hunting property, and share the beauty of your land with fellow outdoor enthusiast!

Sell your property with a realtor experienced in equine properties.

This guide will help you navigate the process of purchasing a small acreage for farming.

Seasonal Home Maintenance

Land Development Opportunities

Auction Services

Farm Land Management

Equine Facilities

The Auction Process

Hunting Property Opportunities

What to Look for Beyond the Stables

Maximizing Your Lands Value

Farm Soil Types

The Benefit of Auction Services in real Estate

More About Exquisite Ranch Properties

Urban Agriculture's Impact on Land Use

Unlocking Your Homebuying Potential

Auctions Trends in the Real Estate Industry

First Steps of a Successful Horse Farm

Essential Factors to Consider When Buying a Ranch in the Midwest

A few things to know about Online Auctions

The differences between online and live auctions

A Few Equine Farms Around KC to Check Out!

Here are some of the factors that go into fencing for equine properties

Preparing Your Ranch For Deer Hunting Season

What to Consider When Buying a Cattle Ranch

There’s also a lot more to consider when making the switch from city living to a rural lifestyle.

Rural living has become popular in the past years during the pandemic because of the feeling of most people of the need for a more laid-back life.

Best Practices When Taking Photos of Your Home For Sale

U.S. Top Cattle Breeds

Discover why farmer's have been saying that August is the best time to buy farmland for generations and what to look for when buying a farm.

For many horse lovers, there’s nothing better than trail riding during the season when the leaves turn beautiful colors and temperatures cool down.

Ranch and farm sales are on the rise across the country as more and more people decide to part with their rural properties.

Your Guide to Making a Profitable Cattle Ranch

Reasons to Live in the Country – Why Country Living is In Vogue Now

Home buying can be nerve-wracking if you’ve never done it before. You’re getting ready to make a major investment so you want to be smart.

We have gathered ideas from experts on what to look for when buying land so that you will have a more meaningful and less stressful experience in the

Rural living, country living, or living off the grid can be appealing

Is it better to sell a property or rent it?

Not every real estate agent is well-equipped to help you sell your rural property.

There’s still a lot of opportunity for those looking to buy land (farmland) in 2022.

It can be overwhelming to go through the whole process of choosing the best rural land that will give you the best ROI.

Learn this year’s trends for country home properties with this guide from United Country Real Estate

In a time of the over-processed food, fresh farm food is making a comeback.

Purchasing a recreational property in the country allows you to have your own space to fish, hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

America’s ranch and farm land is disappearing at a rapid rate. That makes it even more important to preserve it.

The greatest challenges for landowners that hunt is finding ways to attract – and hold – big bucks

For those who dream of owning a piece of land to turn it into an exclusive farm or organic farm or any type of farm for that matter.

We’ve decided to explore some alternative ways to heat your home without the high energy costs.

Controlled use of fire and its capacity to change benefits wildlife and eases access in woodlands.

real estate with renewable energy production capability as well as properties powered by renewable energy sources like hydro-electricity, wind energy

Honeybees are one of the single most important insects on the planet.

Whether you want to earn income, create a wildlife habitat or enjoy outdoor recreation, a pond can add enjoyment value to your property.

The supply and demand for farmland in 2021 remained steady. More people have become more interested in buying farmland.

There are a few things to consider when shopping for your new country retreat.

The sight of cattle against the backdrop of a wide-open sky conjures up feelings of freedom and endless possibilities.

If you have a pond or even lake on your property, it might be tempting to skate or walk/play on the ice during the winter months.

there are many perks to camping in the winter

Let’s dive into some important tips about finding quality waterfowl hunting.

Recreational land is land that is used primarily for activities such as hunting, hiking, ATV-ing, camping and more.

There are more than 250 horse breeds that each have their own special qualities.

Luxury homes are defined as ones that are valued within the top 10 percent of properties on the local market.

It's today's businesses, technology is everything. It's one of the best resources to operate and grow your business.

Remote work and work from home jobs are more available and accepted in the times since an unorthodox year in 2020.

Bed and breakfasts, otherwise known as B&B’s, are a hybrid between a luxury hotel and a private home, providing the best of both worlds.

Do you have a historic home you think should be recognized and preserved? Here's how to get your home on the Historic Registry

When you have a home in the country, most likely you have some extra acreage that you aren’t utilizing to its fullest potential.

One of the most popular snow activities is skiing, and if you’ve never been, there are many important tips you’ll need to consider.

Rivers connect humans to one another while also reconnecting us with the beauty of nature and the great outdoors.

There are many reasons people want to buy and live in log homes or cabins.

Farming and agriculture can date back nearly 12,000 years back when early humanity were “hunter-gatherers.”

Selling any type of commercial real estate comes with added layers, so you’ll want to make sure all of your ducks are in a row before you sell.

Injuries on a farm can happen, but they can also be avoided by knowing how machinery works and the best ways to prevent it.

who better to explain why country life is better than some of our agents who not only sell country real estate, but actually live in the country too.

Making a house into a home can be a fun experience

Owning timberland offers tax advantages, flexible harvesting, favorable supply and demand and price stability.